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2017alma hammond236Alma Hammond writes children's books inspired by travel with the themes of diversity, friendship, acceptance of others, self esteem, and gratitude.  She likes to write books that are a joy to read for both the parent and the child.  In addition to children's books, she has several ongoing writing projects of various genres for older readers.

Alma was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1987 she moved to the Northern Virginia area.  Alma graduated from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA with a B.A. degree in French Language and Literature.  She married and had two children, Alex, age 25 and Nick, age 24. Alma and her family moved to Nepal from 1995 to 1997 to fulfill her husband’s two-year posting with the Foreign Service. Since then she has traveled extensively to other countries in Southeast Asia, Europe, French Polynesia, and the Caribbean. After completing a 17-year career in Information Technology consulting, she pursued her dream of writing.  Alma currently lives with her new husband, Bob, two cats Violet and Daisy, and her dog Stazi in Bethesda, MD. She enjoys hot yoga, barre classes, spending time with friends and family, learning languages, as well as traveling to meet new inspirations for her children’s books.  

Alma started Sweetbeet Books in Jan 2017 to publish her own books and start her self publishing consulting business.  She chose the name "Sweetbeet" as this was what she called her sons when they were little.


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