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Travel with me to Adventures with Lovable Characters!

Welcome to my website! My name is Alma Hammond.  I write children’s books inspired by animals I met through travel. In the stories, loveable characters teach children great messages and educate them about the world outside their front door.  I am excited to announce two books for pubilcation in 2017:  

Super Rooster and Wonder Cat - Published June 2017 - Set in Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Super Rooster and Wonder Cat ramble down to the lagoon to practice their super powers.  There they meet up with with sea creatures living on and in the lagoon.  At first they are frightened but soon they discover that their new friends mean them no harm and have very special powers of their own. 

 Andre, The Five Star Cat - Published December 3, 2017 - Andre is a fancy cat living in a fancy five-star hotel in Paris, France and has everything a cat could want.  He seems to pay others no mind, finding his own company best.  One day, after a night out, he finds he is unable to enter the hotel, and has to find his own food and shelter.  Through collaboration and helping others he gets what he needs in the Tuileries gardens, but he also gets something he didn't count on:  a happier Andre.

Books for Older Readers

I am also working on books for older readers:

Kathmandu, Why Not? This memoir tells the true story of the time my family spent living in Kathmandu, Nepal from 1995–1997.  Written for my grown children who were preschoolers then, this book gives detailed accounts of our day to day life, with excepts from a diary I kept and recipes to heighten the flavor.

I have other projects for older readers which I am currently writing first drafts of, and will keep you posted when they enter the editing stage.

Thanks for visiting me!

–Alma Hammond

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