Pollination Lesson Plan

BY ALMA HAMMOND The Book Behind the Lesson In Book 2 of Catterfly, “Catterfly Grows a Garden,” our kitty with wings who has just sprung from her large, furry, and striped chrysalis in Book 1, “Catterfly is Born,” is super thirsty.  She and her butterfly friend go in search of sweet nectar from brightly colored flowers […]


Butterfly Lesson Plan

BY ALMA HAMMOND Can you say Chrysalis [kris-uh-lis]? Did you know butterflies are not “born” from cocoons? When metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly is complete, butterflies exit a structure they created themselves when they were caterpillars called a chrysalis. Cocoons are spun by caterpillars that will become moths not butterflies! How a chrysalis fits […]

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A Halloween Lesson Plan: Bats

BY ALMA HAMMOND Seeking a great lesson plan for children this Halloween? Look no further than this one which teaches all about bats.  The lesson comes from homeschooler Jana O’Dell and uses the best-selling picture book, “Bo the Bat” from Sweetbeet Books as the reference to teach lessons in Math, Science, and Art.  Get the book […]


Back to School Giveaway

BY ALMA HAMMOND Sweetbeet Books has teamed up with 12 other indie authors in a  Giant Giveaway of 13 Books for Kids, plus Merchandise! Enter today for your change to win.  Drawing is on September 21 so act now! Clilck on the image below to enter: One lucky winner will get all this: Serafina Soars (Travel with […]

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Fun Facts about the Owl

BY ALMA HAMMOND A group of Owls is called a parlaiment There are over 200 types of owls Owls can turn their heads up to 270 degrees, that is only 90 degrees from turning their heads all the way around! Most owls eat insects and rodents. Some owls eat fish. Barn owls swallow rodents whole. Not all owls […]