Its nearly spring and its time to think about all things garden: flowers, butterflies, sunny days pushing up bright and colorful flowers from the earth.  

Sweetbeet books is proud to offer up this activity for children inspired by Book 2 of Catterfly, “Catterfly Grows a Garden.”    In the second book in the Catterfly series, Catterfly and her butterfly friend follow their thirst and in the end discover they have created something pretty beautiful – friendship, respect for each other’s differences, and a beautiful garden!  

Get the book here:  Amazon Paperback

Want to know how Catterfly was born?  Get Book 1 of Catterfly, “Catterfly is Born.”  Learn how being different is purrfectly beautiful and how butterflies come to be.

Amazon Paperback

The activity was created by Typhanie Sharfner of Mentoring Tiny Humans.    Thank  you Typhanie! 🙂

Here is the link to  the lesson plan:  If you like it, let us know!  Catterfly Grows a Garden Lesson Plan

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