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We’ve all heard the phrase: “The kids are bouncing off the walls.” While we’re going through the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be feeling like this is what’s happening at your home—maybe even literally! If your kids seem to have energy they don’t know what to do with, what better outlet than a home martial arts practice?

Why practice martial arts, and why at home? Kids of all ages need ways to stay active, even with many of us staying home due to COVID-19. These tips will help you encourage your child to get some physical fitness in their day, and they may even inspire you to take up martial arts together as a family!

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The main thing you need to practice martial arts is enough room to move around. You may have that space in your backyard, but you’ll probably want an indoor space to practice, too, plus a few essential pieces of equipment.

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As with any form of exercise professional instruction is always recommended. If you are unable to attend a local class in the current environment, many studios are now teaching virtual classes on zoom or other platforms.

What else can you do? Check out the book, “Harry’s First Martial Arts Lesson,” by Sarah Beliza Tucker. This picture book is a great start to encouraging your kids about their interest in martial arts, and fostering a sense of mindfulness. In the book, Harry is super excited to take his first martial arts lesson! He quickly learns that martial arts is not just about punching and kicking, but about treating people with respect and learning self-control. His new mentor, Instructor Dan, helps him understand that the keys to learning anything whether it be martial arts or mathematics, are Concentration and Self-Discipline. Harry also learns the importance of never misusing what he has learned.

You may check out the book here.

You may have assumed that martial arts is something that you (or your child) can only do outside of home with your instructor. Nothing can replace the camaraderie of gathering with fellow students, but there are times when that simply isn’t an option. Thankfully, martial arts can easily be a part of your home exercise routine. All it takes is the right setup and support to make it happen!

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