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Fun Facts about the Owl

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  1. A group of Owls is called a parlaiment
  2. There are over 200 types of owls
  3. Owls can turn their heads up to 270 degrees, that is only 90 degrees from turning their heads all the way around!
  4. Most owls eat insects and rodents. Some owls eat fish.
  5. Barn owls swallow rodents whole.
  6. Not all owls hoot, some sound like a horse, others hiss like a cat.
  7. The smallest owl in the world, the elf owl is only 5 or 6 inches tall.

Books and Activites for Preschool to Second Grade: 

Serafina Soars, book about an eagle owl in Spain – English Version

Serafina vuela, Spanish Version of Serafina Soars

Downloadable Owl Coloring Pages

Other Great Picture Books about Owls

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